I made a single too

After the Christmas album as my first test I’ve started composing a few songs of my own and in quite a variety of genres.I have created from simple piano melodies to movie trailers music.

I’m saving them for now as “exclusives” as it is my intention to license some of them to some videogame, advertising or TVshow. If  I don’t find anyone interested I’ll then place them online in iTunes, Spotify but always trying to get the music in some practical use.

For now and have published a disco/dance song as a single. It is online since 1st of March and for now I’m getting a few Likes in Facebook from Mexico (muchas gracias). It is a bit crazy and completely diferent from the Christmas songs (instead more Carnaval). You can check it for FREE in Spotify.  Buy it on iTunes or stream it at Deezer and like this you will be contributing that I keep composing too.



Look for Blitzwood at:SpotifyI appreciate your help.